Gunda’s Favorite Thanksgiving

Berthina led Gunda and Astrid to the round hole that led to the attic. Holly and Christina’s plan to bring Astrid home and prevent Ian from noticing was successful. She and Gunda stopped and turned to see that Astrid did not follow

Gunda – Job Description

Gunda does most of the painting. She has a good sense of color coordination and what would bring a wooden gift to make it look its best.  

Gunda – Characteristic Description

Gunda is a strong-willed woman who knows how to keep Nils in line.

Gunda – Physical Description

Gunda wears a yellowish mock, a white head cover and a brown belt with the utility pouch connected.  

Nils – Job Description

Wood construction, leadership Nicholas’ right hand man.  

Nils – Characteristic Description

Nils is the first in line after Nicolas of ensuring productivity of gifts go smoothly in the preparation of the Christmas Eve launching. Nils focus on efficiency and that quota is met often makes him irritable. He often speaks his

Nils – Physical Description

Nils has a light Brown shirt. His pant legs are blue. He has black shoes. His hair and beard is Brown burnt sienna. He has a wood carving chisel connected to his left hip and a mallet on his right.

Stian – Job Description

Father of Ola – sheep herder, wool spinner  

Stian – Characteristic Description

Stian introduced the outsider Arve to Ola. Since their move to Duluth, Minnesota, Stian has an avid fan to all the Minnesota College and professional sports. (Sorry – he does not like the Packers).  

Stian – Physical Description

Stian (Steen) is Ola’s father. He is considerably shorter than Ola as well as the rest of the village. Stian’s wife Olga died at Ola’s birth. The village, including Agar helped raise Ola.