Nicholas – Characteristic Description

Nicholas was well known among the villagers before the plague. Nicholas has leadership characteristics that all villagers turned to in times of crisis. Nicholas is able to transport himself anywhere around the world. He uses his powers on Christmas Eve

Nicholas – Physical description

Nicholas has a blue shirt with a red cape. He is often seen with a brown bag over his shoulder. He wears a brown and white tassel hat. His golden yellow hair falls on his shoulder and his beard to

Christina’s Secret Family Just Released

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The Night of the Living Band Saw

The Night of the Living Band Saw Ten-year-old Kel saw Gunne and Hildi sitting on the small window sill watching the leafless branches outside sway in the cold October wind while the light of the full moon beamed in before

How The Villagers Came To Be

How The Villagers Came To Be In early 1349, Agar, the shaman of Nordland in northern Scandinavia, foresaw the coming of the Black Death (plague) that would kill a majority of the population.  He was filled with grief. As shaman